Southwest Plant Selector
(SW Plants)

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Southwest Plant Selector App for the iPhone

Approximately 750 xeric plants that thrive in New Mexico – both native and adapted – are included, with water requirements identified by the southern, central, or northern part of the state. ALL plants in this database are considered to be suitable for NM or west Texas xeriscapes (specified water requirements fall within the “xeric” range.) The plant list can be sorted by plant name, category (tree, shrub, perennial, annual, etc), type (evergreen, deciduous, semi-), and sun requirement (sun/shade combinations) for easy selection.

This app, developed by New Mexico State University Media Productions, is a cooperative venture between the NM Office of the State Engineer (NMOSE) and the Center for Landscape Water Conservation. The database was developed by the NMOSE in cooperation with the US Bureau of Reclamation in 2011, and assisted by a panel of experts from around the State.

The NMOSE Plant List database is available online at

The Center for Landscape Water Conservation at, whose mission is to provide educational tools for regional homeowners, provided funding for the app format. Together, we are pleased to offer this app, the first of its kind, for our water-starved region of the country.

The plants included in our database represent the most commonly-used, most commonly-available xeric plants for our region. You can develop a favorites list by tapping the heart in the upper right corner of the screen. You can set criteria to make needs-based selections to suit your landscape. You can take your list on your mobile device to the nursery when you shop. If the nursery doesn’t stock one of your favorites, you have the information with you to make an alternate selection or to place an order.


  • Approximately 750 plant entries

  • Intuitive navigation

  • All plants are suited to a regional xeriscape

  • Plants are commonly-available and commonly-used

  • Set criteria to quickly see the options and make plant selections

  • Tap the heart to Add to Favorites

  • Take your Favorites with you when you shop

Coming soon in a free upgrade:

  • Upgraded plant photos

Please send us your feedback and suggestions. We will also happily accept higher-resolution photos and, of course, credit the owners of the ones we use. You may contact us at

We are online at See our narrated video tours of regional demonstration gardens – UTEP Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, El Paso Botanical Garden, Water-wise Garden in Rio Rancho, NMSU ASC Farmington Xeric Garden -- at or download them at iTunes U (NMSU channel). Share your projects and tips on Facebook,